Messer Construction Co., Inc.

PO Box 2211
Hereford, TX  79045

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From load adjustments to train derailments, Messer Construction Co., Inc. strives to exceed the demands brought forth by the railroads.  Since our inception in 1943, we have acquired a fleet of trucks and heavy equipment.  While our main focus is providing railroad services, we offer Deaf Smith County many useful services such as crushed rock and caliche for feedyards and dairies, road building and preparation, and crane work.  We are currently expanding our operations to include vehicle towing and salvage, and scrap salvage.

Here, our two 594 Caterpillar Sidebooms lift an engine to change a traction motor.

Here, a side boom off load a leaning container.  We can off load using sidebooms or cranes.

Transferring grain from the rail into a haul truck.

Here is the machine responsible for making the ground work for the majority of the feedyards and dairies in Deaf Smith County, the Beef Capital of the World.

Our 110 Ton Crane lifting a tank car.

Our 22 Ton Crane setting signals.

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Main Office:  (806) 364-2762
Our main phone number is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have accumulate thousands of photos in our 60+ years of business and here are just a few to share.  

Our page is expanding daily, please check back for more information on our History, our Divisions, and the services we provide.